Week 1:Hello world!

So here we are!

First day of Creating and Publishing Digital Media and to be honest I am already a little lost. It has been quite a week for feeling a little lost with it being my first week back at school after many, many years off! I have to say I am quite excited about taking this class, it is a way to be creative and  have some fun while learning many skills that are extrememly useful for the age we live in.

While I have blogged before I have never used this website and so it is interesting to see how the world of WordPress works. I imagine over the course of this blogging process we will be both friends and foes, once I manage to keep my cool and not hurl the laptop across the room while trying to figure out how all of this works I think I will be good.

I am looking forward to the photography section of this module as I have been known to go snap happy on occasion. It will be nice to have an excuse to take a crazy amount of pictures instead of having to repeatedly bug my friends to allow me to take photos when I have already taken 300 of the exact same image.

The podcast is something that is completely foreign to me and so I am looking forward to seeing how all of that works. I would like to take the opportunity to do something a little different with the podcast so I will have to get my thinking cap on.

Join me here to see how I am progressing through the course and to hear me rant about the many meltdowns I am sure to have. For now Happy Friday everyone! Hope you enjoy one of my old favourites…


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