Week 9/10: Presentations

This week we learned about Prezi, a software programme that allows you to create a presentation. This is an online source and so will only work with internet connection. I am still a little confused as to how we will managed to upload out presentation to our blog but hopefully it won’t be too traumatic an experience.

When I signed up for a Prezi account I really liked the fact that you can look at other presentations that have already been made in order to get some ideas and inspiration. As I signed up for a free account it means that it is on a public setting, and so other people can see how your presentation is created and how it progresses.

Our lecturer outlined the different features of the layout of presentations with us and what subject matter we should consider. This got me thinking a lot about what I would like to concentrate on while making my presentation and so far I have not come up with much!

I found it difficult to put enough content within my presentation in order to give enough information without actually giving the presentation. I wanted to make sure my prezi was not cluttered and had a minimal style. I needed to make sure the language was clear and informative enough.

In order to view my presentation click on the picture below or go to my presentation page.

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