Week 8.5: Yup

It’s week eight, which is so crazy in itself. I feel like I have learned so much and haven’t had time to take it all in, but the good thing is that I have this blog along with many others so I can read back and remind myself.

In class this week we also talked about writing styles, what our demographic is and how we can lay out our blog in order to make it easier for the reader to follow. As many people simply scan things rather than reading them through it is important to make sure certain things stand out within the blog. So I decided to re-visit my previous posts and try to make them a little more presentable and easy to follow.

By inserting links to things people may not understand and introducing headings to the various different topics I feel like I made things a little clearer. I also needed to make sure that not only were my posts easy to read but interesting enough to make people want to read the entire thing. Some of my posts are a little more casual than others due to the fact that I was talking about my personal experiences within creativity.

I love to write and so blogging for me is a creative outlet, I have set up other blogs in the past but I have never stuck with them as the sites I used weren’t as user-friendly as WordPress. I have been considering setting up a personal blog on WordPress since we started this course and I feel like with using this website I will be able to keep on top of the blog posts.

I also feel like my writing, reflecting and explaining has gotten better as time has gone on, at least I hope it has. It takes a while to get into the flow of things as it is difficult to know if you should write on an academic level or a personal one. I feel that because it is a blog which is generally about personal opinion, somewhere in the middle of the two is probably best, and so that is what I have tried to do.

The features within this blog are so helpful and easy to use, being able to pick a theme and change it around whenever you feel like means that you can change things up to suit your mood or depending on the time of year. The fact that tagging and linking is so easy to do is just wonderful for someone like me who is not the most techy friendly person.

Things we also learned from our lecturer like putting in photo’s and videos means we are able to personalize our blog to our hearts content.

Another great feature within this blog is the ability to add social networking sharing and liking such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This means that people who enjoy your blog posts can like or share them on social networks. I really like this feature, social networks are becoming bigger and bigger and I feel this gives us “the bloggers” a chance to reach a wider audience.

I really enjoyed the entire photography process and everything we learned, although I didn’t use Photoshop to edit my photos using Pixlr was a lot of fun. There were definitely some mishaps before I managed to settle on some effects that I liked. I know that my choices wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste but I really liked them.

Coming to terms with the different features of my camera was a little challenging to say the least. I feel that I should have known how to do this on my camera previously but now that I know how to use them I feel like I will take more time taking pictures in the future.

Creating a Portfolio was also something I really enjoyed, ideally we would have had more time to get used to the different features of a camera and to get out there and make some great mistakes before settling on our final eight but alas it wasn’t meant to be. The workload we have from all of our classes means we can only dedicate a certain amount of time to each subject. All in all I was quite happy with the eight that I chose.

It was a nice creative project to sink my teeth into and I would consider creating more photography portfolio’s for personal use.

Creating a podcast was a little more difficult than the photography, recording it was definitely fun and challenging but the trouble started with the editing process.

As I explained in a previous post even though we were brought through the different features in Audacity I needed further guidance. I am not sure if it is down to my laptop being so old or if it’s just me but Audacity was not always willing to cooperate with me or do the things I was asking it to do.

I had a slight problem with the conversion process but managed to get there in the end. Lastly using many different program’s in order to get the podcast uploaded was problematic, as another classmate already said, it would be wonderful if there was a program within WordPress that could do all of this so that you didn’t have to go back and forth between sites in order to get the job done.

The next thing we are diving into in our class is a presentation, I am having palpitations just thinking about it. I can definitely use programs to create a presentation, but actually having to present and speak in front of everyone is something I am really not looking forward to.

The idea is for us to show what we have learned and explain our process through this journey. I completely understand the point behind it but yet it is something I am going to have to force myself to be okay with. Hopefully by the time I have to do it I won’t mind anymore!

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