Week 7: Ahem….

Episode 1. – Click to hear my before casting!!!

In my last post I explained what I had chosen to do for my podcast, to record my father reading “Dear Santa” a letter he wrote last year after Christmas had been and gone. I have learned very quickly that picking what to record is extremely easy but actually managing to record it is not so easy…

The fact that I am coughing and sneezing every 30 seconds is bad enough but trying to tell my dad that he has to speak into the phone but not to close, oh no a little closer, no further away…. well you get my drift.


I choose the sitting room to record in as it has carpets, curtains and soft furnishings everywhere so I thought this would help with the ambient noise but the sound still wasn’t great on my first recording. The external microphone I intended on using didn’t actually fit into my phone so that was also a no go. Short of trying to get a billion egg cartons to stick all over the walls I knew it was time to try something else.

I then remembered something my lecturer said about how some people get into bed and get under the covers to record, as the duvet creates the perfect surround for a recording atmosphere. So I thought, time to get my dad into a hoody, now this is not the easiest of tasks since my dad quite resembles Santa Claus. But I managed to locate an old hoody someone had left in our house years before and convince him to put it on. Pulling the hooded part over his head and as far forward as possible to create a little surrounding wall of soft cotton it was time to try out my experiment.

Recording take 2-  The fact that my dad was struggling to see the page that he had his “script” on and me pulling the hoody with my hands to try to keep the surrounding wall after a few billion attempts I decided that maybe this was not going to work either, well what do you do now? Yes of course grab a tea towel! Putting the tea towel around my dads head to make it all stick out a bit around his face kind of like a habit if you will it was time try yet again. This was of course after much protesting by the subject!!!

After many, many attempts I managed to get the recording down. So here’s the deal, this is the before! It’s not perfect and I doubt it will be even after I edit it, but the mere fact that I have managed to upload it on here is a miracle in itself!

Please be aware that there is some bad language!!! I hope no one is offended 🙂

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