Week 6:Introduction to Podcasting – from sight to sound

This week we started our technical journey through the world of pod-casting. This is something I am quite excited I am learning about as I have never done it before. I have used some editing software before but not to produce something that will be available online.

We talked about the different formats such as Compressed or Uncompressed Audio styles which represent making a file smaller or larger. There are also different file types the most common Lossy audio type being MP3.

MP3– Not open source

WAV– File format compatible with windows

Ogg Vorbis– Open Format compatible with Mac’s and Pc

We also went through Digitisation which is defined as:

“The conversion of analog into digital information”

Ambient Noise, is another element we spoke about in class, I found this particularly interesting as it can really be used to set the entire tone of the podcast. Learning that the furnishings within a room that you use for recording can add or take away so much from your recording really hit me. An example given to us is that when a movie is being made, often times they record the sound of the silence within a room in order to set the background for a scene.

Audacity which is a sound editing programme is what we will be using to edit our podcasts. In class we were shown how to use audacity and the various different elements within it. I also found a video that will also be useful as we set into editing our pieces.

For this project I have decided to use the iPhone 4s to record my podcast, this is not the ideal tool for me to use to record my podcast but unfortunately I have no other available source. Although this is not the best tool, I am getting an external microphone in the hopes this will improve the sound quality. The subject matter is a little different to everyone else’s but I am hoping it will be a little light entertainment for everyone to enjoy coming up to Christmas, it is called “Dear Santa” and it is an original piece written by my father. I hope you will all enjoy it!

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