Week 5:Why? – choosing a theme for my portfolio

While I was trying to come up with a theme for my Portfolio, I had a few minor mishaps that I outlined in an earlier blog. But really the Canal should have been my first port of call. It was there in front of me the entire time and I only realized it at the very last minute. Why did I choose the Canal? Honestly, because of my dad, because of all of the wonderful childhood memories that appear when I am there.

My dad is a Ships-Chandler (Well that’s what he calls himself anyway) and he works down in the Grand Canal Dock. As we were growing up we not only spent a lot of time around ships and boats but also around the many waterworks that feature around Dublin City. My dad would bring us for strolls along the canal and invent stories about the goldfish that lived there or the man who leaned on the lamppost.

I tried to capture the beauty of the light that flows between the branches of the trees as the wind blows. The reflections in the water and how the canal flows. The barge is yet another homage to my dad in that we have grown up in believing we love all things that can float and move on water, that is except of course for Swans!

So my friends, while you see trees, gates and pathways, I see our family strolling along on a summer’s day, laughing and telling stories, sometimes with an ice-cream if my parents were feeling generous!!

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