Week 4: Getting the creative juices flowing…

The Journey

So this week we were asked to try out what we learned about Photoshop while in class and also to set up our gallery of images.

I decided to go for a walk in my local park and see if I could get some interesting pictures, as always Jen has a disaster. After nearly falling into the river when going onto the stepping-stones into the centre of the river, I figured I would probably be better off trying to take some photos on solid ground.

This brought me to the pond which is home to many ducks and swans, here is where I made my second mistake, trying to take a photo of a swan. Swans are not my friends, and apparently hate taking their photos taken. What was supposed to be a nice inspirational walk, quickly turned into me running away screaming from an evil swan who decided to try to attack me while I tried to take his photo. This was a bad enough experience until I saw an old man laughing his head off at me who had seen the whole thing, glad I made his day.

So this is when I gave up on the park idea and moved on to the docklands/canal idea hoping it would be a safer option. Who wants their headstone to read “death by swan” right?

I am now a happy camper and feel like I managed to take some pretty nice pictures, I would be really interested to know what you all think…


In my next post I will be showing you all the different elements I used in Pixlr, yes we did learn about Photoshop but after trying to download the free trial for two hours and then spending another while trying to get Photoshop through the college software system I decided maybe it was time to give up and try out Pixlr. I really had fun trying out various different things, not all of them made the cut so in my next post are a few of the photos I altered.

I will also be uploading my gallery of eight photos, I really like them but then I am biased!!!!!!

Lets hope I make it to Saturday without any disasters! See ya’ll on the other side 🙂

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1 Response to Week 4: Getting the creative juices flowing…

  1. I’m sure we’ll all really like your pictures too, my dear. Can’t wait to see them! x

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