Week 3: Playing with Pixlr

Grand Canal Dock Original Photo

This is a photo I took of the Boat taxi in the grand canal dock, it is very blurred, purely down to my photography skills not being too great but hopefully you will see some what of a difference in the second image. While I tried to get the photo more in to focus by adjusting the Hue and Saturation tool and the Sharpen tool I also used the Marquee tool to add some more ship ties along the side of the dock. I don’t think I was very successful trying to get rid of the blur but it was interesting to try to work it all out.

Grand Canal Dock Altered Photo

The next photo I am going to show you, I simply played around with to see what I could do.While I think it looks quite cool some of you might think it looks a little mad!!

Canal Original Photo

I found changing this photo to be a lot of fun, I tried out various different tools in pixlr before settling on what I am going to show you below!

Canal Photo Altered

While the colours may be a little over the top for some I actually quite like it. Especially the trees where the trunk is a pale hue as you move upwards it turns into a bluey/purple colour. Again this may not be in everyone’s taste but I really like it! This affect was also done by altering the Colour balance and also the Solarize tool.

Below I am going to show you the same photo again, changed to black and white which is another effect I quite like. Again this was done by using the Desaturate tool. I really enjoyed playing around with the colours as I feel like it can change the entire feel of a photograph.

Canal Photo Black/White

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