Week 1.5: Introduction to Digital Photography

Today in class we learned a little about how a camera works, the different types of cameras available and what makes a good photo. We talked about shutter speed, aperture, the rule of thirds and how moving the position of your subject can completely change a photo.

Photography is such a visual art form and can be interpreted in many different ways by every viewer. I have always loved looking at photographs, the way some people see elements within them that others don’t. It is like viewing a painting, reading a classic or listening to a song. The ability for an image to lift someone up or to show the haunting pain someone is in, is not just a matter of clicking away. It takes a lot of consideration and time. Lighting, movement and elements all need to be taken into consideration.

I am excited to be learning the way in which a digital camera works and how you can do certain things in order to ensure you take the best photos. Everyone has different styles and I am excited to see how my classmates take their photos and where their inspiration comes from.

So now I am going to try figure out how this camera of mine (well actually my sisters) actually works! Over the next week I will be taking some photos to illustrate my understanding of what we learned in class today, I am hoping my photos will improve over time and I will be able to recognise the different elements taken into consideration by other people when they take a photo.

I guess we shall see:)


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1 Response to Week 1.5: Introduction to Digital Photography

  1. Moving your position relative to the subject you are photographing is also a very important techn9que you should use to improve your images.

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